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first impressions count

Photographyfocus on cracking shots

Awarded BIPP Photographer status  (British Institute of Professional Photographers)  since 2004, our Creative Director, Sonia Harvey, can create a brand which includes photography aspect of brand development. No more awkward meetings where you know you have communicated your exact requirements to a photographer and then faced with something entirely different to what was briefed. Working very efficiently, clients enjoy being part of the whole experience too. It’s telling a story about something people will always engage with. The best images – the ones we don’t just scroll past – make us FEEL something. They encourage us to do something, to click, donate, book, order, sign-up, follow or call. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. Brand Building photography to attract your customers. From mini shoots (up to 2 hours) to full day shoots. In studio or on location we can offer value for money shoots. Contact us for a free quote.

Brand Photography

telling your business story through photos

What story do your brand images tell about your business presently? Are they just stock images?
This is an opportunity to show your customers how you care, what quality you offer and the value behind the brand. You are inviting your clients into your world, connecting with them and allowing them to see you and your business in an authentic way through images that honestly portray your brand.

Your story allows your customers to see how you deliver their product or service, showing them how you care, invest and offer quality and value and this is at the heart of what a brand is.

Product White Out Photography

good photography sells more products

In a digital world it is quite easy to get out your camera phone and snap a product and accept that this a great photo to market with. With the internet this is the only visual opportunity for your prospective customers to make that buying decision, they cannot touch your products, smell your products so it is vital the first impression is a good one when it comes to the visual. The cost is as little as £8 for a high res image, it worth the investment if your images are not selling your products presently. We are happy to do a complimenty photo of your product to test the market. Please contact our studio for further details.

Fashion Photography

capture personality through the lens

Photographing people is a skill, it has a lot to do what you do before a photo has even been taken. From a brief we set the mood and style for the photoshoot, bring out the personality, ensure the right message is portrayed. Whether in studio or on location, fashion shoot or a brand lifestyle shoot we ensure we will get the very best from every photoshoot we do. for more photography portfolios please see

Food Photography

beautiful tasty imagery

Food photography is total pleasure to undertake, creation of fresh, appetising imagery which are used on packaging, editorials and promotional marketing. Working alongside chefs we style the food to produce creative photography to wet anyones appetite.