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Does your brand need freshening up?

Brand and Rebrand Developmentget the buzz of a great brand

Key to capturing new business is fishing is the right ponds, yep it can be as simple as that. It is the importance of brand appeal which may determine a success or failure of your business in this competitive world. Regardless of your market position, it is a question of attracting customers to your door. We will take a little time to understand your business to enable us to get creative in producing your brand for you and your team to get excited about.

Why Companies Rebrand?

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Are rebrands necessary and, if so, when should one be done? With changing market and competition increasing it may be a good thing to consider. Rebrand may be just a subtle change but just enough to freshen up the brand to attract new customers in your market. Your company may be offering new products and services to when you first had a brand created. Is your business now reflecting your values still?  Contact us about a rebrand and we can evaluate how your brand is perceived.

Advertising Campaigns

create fresh memorable messages

Working with your brief we aim to create simple clear concepts for your campaigns to provide the very best marketing conditions to attract more business. We enjoy the challenge! In a combination of researching the industry your business is in, understanding your customers needs, we have got the creative connection which will make your potential customers click.

Your Company Logo Redesign

does your logo still reflect your business?

Why do you need to re-look at your logo? You have one already, so why change? It may become obvious that your logo is starting to look tired amongst it’s competitors. You want to show the world your company is forward thinking, does your logo reflect this message? Other reasons include a change of business products or services you offer. We offer a free honest brand evaluation to help you decide whether your company image could work for you.