Once Upon a Brand

There is no escaping it, stories are part of our lives, we use stories to help customers understand our products and services, brand building installs trust and transparency with consumers. Presented the right way can be influential. You can use stories to influence a customer’s decision to purchase from you and not your competition.  So how to write your brand story.

  1. Show your journey – where you began.
    Does your story show how you overcome adversity, was it an emotional journey or conflict to get to where you are now?
    In the business world brands are quite cagey on revealing any adversity of conflict they faced. In reality this is a huge misconception – people can relate to flaws, they can relate to emotional struggle because we all know the story of life!
    So be transparent about the adversity your company has faced, and own it! People will respect you and connect more to to your brand.
  2. It’s your story, so you don’t have to go along the same story lines as your competitors! Humanise your business and the people behind it.
  3. Make your message memorable, tell your audience what you do which is different, quirky or unique, Make your customers feel connected and loved, special, important or confident in your company (depending in which business sector you are in will depend on your message). What differentiates you from the crowd of competitors?
  4. Does your brand have soul? In a world where everyone is focused on doing everything faster, more efficiently and automated be the brand who dares to be human. Show how you care!
  5. Be authentic – you have a personality. Don’t be afraid to let your individuality shine through your storytelling.

Start your brand story today and share it!