Lockdown – Has Your Business Hit a Bump in the Road?

For some companies you have noticed a drastic plummet of sales thanks to that Corona crap. To survive they have had to innovate.

Marketing is more critical than ever. Much much more marketing has gone online which your company may not be ready for.

Lets look at this as if we were taking the journey on our bike.  We’ve just hit a steep hill with humps in the road which make going real hard, but if we stop pedalling we simply wont get to the top. So stopping and not doing anything whilst we are in this predicament isn’t going help you.

The effort to keep in contact with your customers and also connect with new ones have never been so important – so to keep pushing up that hill companies have think creatively to keep those wheels moving – for example – A pizza restaurant couldn’t just make takeaway pizzas to keep them afloat, their revenue was drastically reduced not being able to open fully, so they created a home making pizza kit, which gave customers an activity to do as well as still enjoying the taste of their pizzas at anytime. Added bonus was that customers started ordering these as gifts to their other lockdown friends and family – Hey presto – they have attracted new customers in the process which after the lockdown will eagerly come to book at their restaurant! Their on-line activity connected with their customers and they simply shifted up a gear to give their business the power to keep moving.

Every business will be facing their own bumps in the road. It is important to find new ways to engage and sell to your customers, build your relationship, know your customers, add value. This situation is temporary so try not to fall off your bike – keep pedaling – in the right direction and to explore what will work to get up that hill faster!

We are happy to have a pit stop break with you to get our creative helmets on – taking the creative journey with you to get to that top of the hill!