Creative Principles for Brand Success

Design is a subjective thing, a good design happens when your customers have good experience which is matched with a solid brand identity created. So why is it so important to get this right? Sometimes design is not a priority to business owners but it maybe the main factor which effects profits. It is important to differentiate your brand from all the other products/services on the market.  It’s true persuasive visual appeal will win more sales against other brands, it is as simple as that! So here are a few graphics design and marketing principles which we think will make the difference as to whether your products sell or sink!

1/It’s no logo joke!

Look around, logos bombard us!  We have a constant presence of logos, people love living with logos throughout their waking lives. It is important to develop the identity which reflects the quality and character you wish to portray of your product.

2/Adding perceived value

Which means; A customer’s opinion on your product’s value to them!  Factors such as the product’s market price is insignificant, it depends on the ability to satisfy the customer’s needs, to create the want in them. You only have to look at the motor industry to see this principle in action. Most cars have the very latest technology, giving low price per mile etc but some people choose to purchase a high end more expensive, fuel guzzling motor because of the connotations installed with that brand identity.  It’s about status, the luxury, it’s what makes them feel good. Brand development is about establishing and building a good relationship with your customers, it’s about telling a good story that people want to follow! It’s about building trust, trust keeps customers!

3/Commit to memory

A memorable advertisement which at a glance people clearly understand will make your marketing message a success. A good design should evoke an emotion which people want to be associated with. One springs to mind is the Wonderbra billboards, their advertisements are directed towards men who are the not the target audience “By the way my eyes are blue” with a powerful image of a sexy girl wearing nothing but her bra, men attracted to this, women want to have this same power of attractiveness too. Concerning other media avenues, the viral marketing era is well and truly in full flow, Nike’s World  Cup Animation film (clones) has a staggering 50 million views in one week! Relative low budget productions (apart from hiring Jennifer Aniston!) can prove just as  memorable and shows you just need some imagination!!

 4/Aim to keep all your customers sweet

There are multiple marketing avenues you need to direct creative communications to, those new to your brand, those loyal to your brand and those who occasionally use your brand but need reminding you are still attractive to them. It is important not to be under the impression one set of communications fits all. Never miss the opportunity to ignite their interest to encourage more sales.

 5/Don’t complicate communications

All marketing should have purpose, be concise with a call to action. Quality not quantity.

6/No need to be stuffy!

Think outside the box, be the one to lead and not the one to be led, design is about making the breakthrough from the norm, go ahead, design!
This piece is based on our own opinion from years of creative expertise, we are passionate in what we do working together with our clients to create success. If we can help with your branding development and marketing please feel free to speak to us, we can help.
The Creative Compass is created by Mandarin Creates for directional purposes.