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Creative Principles for Brand Success

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Design is a subjective thing, a good design happens when your customers have good experience which is matched with a solid brand identity created. So why is it so important to get this right? Sometimes design is not a priority to business owners but it maybe the main factor which effects profits. It is important to differentiate your brand from all the other products/services on the market.  It’s true persuasive visual appeal will win more sales against other brands, it is as simple as tha...

Worthy of Being Your Designer?

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YES! We are creative thinkers who will deliver results for you. YES! We will work hard, amending and proofing your work to approval stage without racking up the bill. Honouring our quotation is extremely important to us and ensures peace of mind for you. YES! We’ve been in the creative industry for over 20 years. We will advise you on the best channels for communicating to your ideal client, working hard to ensure your budget goes a l...

Why Does Branding Matter? The facts

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Vision – Be clear on what you’re aiming for, and ensure the creative work reflects that vision. Values - How do you want your customer to see your business/product? In truth is your existing creative direction working towards that ideal value? Personality – How do you want your business/product to come across? Will it appeal to the audience you are aiming your message to? It is vital you provide it a personality and tone to attract sales. What makes you different from your c...

Lockdown – Has Your Business Hit a Bump in the Road?

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For some companies you have noticed a drastic plummet of sales thanks to that Corona crap. To survive they have had to innovate. Marketing is more critical than ever. Much much more marketing has gone online which your company may not be ready for. Lets look at this as if we were taking the journey on our bike.  We've just hit a steep hill with humps in the road which make going real hard, but if we stop pedalling we simply wont get to the top. So stopping and not doing anything whilst...

Once Upon a Brand

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There is no escaping it, stories are part of our lives, we use stories to help customers understand our products and services, brand building installs trust and transparency with consumers. Presented the right way can be influential. You can use stories to influence a customer's decision to purchase from you and not your competition.  So how to write your brand story.
  1. Show your journey - where you began. Does your story ...