Project: Baby Clothing Photography as seen in John Lewis

Last Friday was a riotous day to say the least when we had four babies in the studio, all dressed up in Emile et Rose and raring to go….yes literally!
Izzy, our only girl and a whole lot more mobile than when she first posed for us six months ago, was running around the studio, up the stairs (out of bounds!) and behind the camera as much as she was in fro
nt of it!
Chester was without doubt the fastest crawler 
in the West but when he smiled, he really did make everyone smile with him. Infact, he didn’t so much smile as break out into fits of giggles – as you can see from this lovely picture of him in full flight!!

Thanks also to Alfie and Marley, who completed our line up, and also to the very patient Mums and to Sonia, our photographer at Mandarin Creative Solutions. We all needed a lie-down afterwards but we did get probably the best selection of pictures ever.

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Emile et Rose clothing can be found all around the world, from little boutiques to large departments stores such as John Lewis, Selfridges.

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